About Us

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Essentia Innovation Ltd - Consulting, Management & Investment

Strategic management company offering passionate experience in consulting, management and investment. Setting up organisation (incl. Feasibility Studies & Business Planning) as well as optimization of existing businesses to increase revenues and growing market share for diverse organisations across all industries. Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams in the attainment of challenging business objectives in alignment with policies, procedures, regulations, and quality standards. Elevates brand performance through innovative marketing and effective representation as well as delivery of value-added solutions.

Providing leadership, support, training, resources, and motivation to surpass objectives. In addition, we provide on and offline trainings and consultancy.

Being the main project leader & coordinator by providing a one-stop-solution thanks to an intensive network of diverse business partners. Thanks to this worldwide network with international and local business partners, we can provide unique solutions in the field of Online Business Solution, Consulting, Management, Investment and trading on a worldwide level.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

OUR TEAM: A Culture of Collaboration

We hear again and again that it feels distinctive to work with us. Why? An interestingly collective culture loaded with energetic individuals who care increasingly about your prosperity.